I’m April, born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida. In all my years here, I’ve only lived in 2 towns – St. Augustine, where I was born and raised, and Palm Coast, where I moved to on September 9, 2000.  Incidentally, I married the love of my life that same day!  I have been married to the man whom I know God chose especially for me, Daniel, and we have 2 beautiful children, Kaleb Daniel, and Ella Renee.

We have a large family (33 on my side) including 6 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren (to my grandmother) + Daniel’s family of 12.  That makes 45 in total!

I am very blessed that God laid it on my mother’s heart to begin attending church when I was in middle school and that He saw fit to prepare my heart that I would be open to it.  I was saved during Sunday School under the direction of David Morrell (who later married Daniel and I).  God had already given me a passion/talent for singing but the church gave me an avenue to use it for HIS glory!  He has brought many wonderful people into my life for the right seasons and I have been blessed to work with many talented groups/people.  I’ve been part of 2 CD recordings previously and performed all around St. Augustine.

One of the songs that NeVaeh sings, and I love, is called “Come to Jesus”.  It talks about how we’ve all fallen and need saving, that even in our darkest night He said He’d wait for us.  It’s a song for the desperate, ashamed, hopeless, those who don’t belong, the silent castaways, sinners, for those who’ve given up, those trying anything to get through another day.   It’s a simple message, “Come to Jesus”.   So maybe reading this, you find yourself feeling like this song is for you or you find that you want to know more about this God.  I encourage you to reach out to your local pastor, to a Christian friend, and stop putting off till tomorrow what should be done today.  He’s waiting for YOU!