Another Season

Kaleb had a wonderful time playing Upwards Basketball. This was his first experience with group sports.
Some of the Memorable Moments: During the last game one of Kaleb’s shots went over the backboard, hit the pole on the back of the basketball hoop, bounced back over the backboard, hit the rim of the hoop and WENT IN! What an awesome moment ~ We were all biting nails waiting to see what that ball was going to do. Each week, I loved watching Kaleb run out onto the court as his name was announced through the speakers, he looked so proud (and handsome, if I do say so myself ;-)

Now that basketball is over ….. it’s time for Soccer to begin. Kaleb has ALWAYS loved soccer. As a toddler he loved kicking the ball around the yard. Most kids like anything: soccer ball, basketball, football, etc. but Kaleb always favored the soccer ball. The last 2 years he has asked about playing soccer. We missed the last signup and found the opportunity with basketball.

God works in amazing ways ~ It was a wonderful experience for us to get our start in sports within a Christian league. Kaleb learned about sportsmanship and friendship; he learned that prayer is not just for when you are at school, the dining table, or bedtime but it’s for anytime; and many other valuable lessons. We are looking forward to the upcoming season of Soccer and seeing how God can use us in this area to be a light for HIM.


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