Easter Brings Hope

If there was ever a day that gives us hope, it is Resurrection Sunday! In fact ...that's why the church gathers week by week on Sunday, the Lord's Day for worship: to celebrate and commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ!

In fact, every Sunday is a celebration of the empty tomb! A celebration that Jesus is alive!

It's the empty tomb of Jesus that gives us HOPE! Hope in the here-in-now and hope in the here-after! And don't get the idea that the HOPE I'm talking ...about is a HOPE-SO kind of HOPE. I'm talking about a KNOW-SO kind of HOPE!

The HOPE of forgiveness. The HOPE of peace. The HOPE of assurance. The HOPE of Heaven. And that HOPE is centered in the person of Jesus Christ. It certainly was for King David Psalm 39.7, ''.. My hope is in You.'' Psalm 71.5, ''For You are my hope, O Lord GOD; You are my trust from my youth.''

With your HOPE in the resurrected Jesus ... you can make it.

(Earnest Easley)

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  • lissa
    lissa deland
    Thank your all awesome! Have a blessed Easter!

    Thank your all awesome! Have a blessed Easter!

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