Fun in the Son Festival

It's the end of a long day.  But what a glorious day it was.  It started out raining heavily.  So heavily we were thinking "why didn't we plan a rain date?"  But we packed up and loaded up the vehicles anyway to get ready for the 3rd Annual Fun in the Son Festival.  It stopped raining when we got there so we could unpack.  Did I mention this event was outside?  Well, it stopped raining, and we had extra hands in Dan Lujan from Unchained, and Ramon Rodriguez from Passion 4 One, who came early.  I realized sometime during the unloading how we were blessed.  God let it rain for a while, early, to cool it off, and stopped it raining in time for setup and the start of the festival. 

It was such a blessing today for us to hear new bands and musicians, like Robin Lahiri, a classical guitarist, and Matt Davis & Mark (Chrisman) Josephs, both gospel rappers.   I believe that today was the biggest turnout from this event in our three years.  The kids were having fun with games, crafts, and face painting.  We also had great donations from our local businesses to help make this happen.  Harris Grocery from Bunnell donated the all-beef hotdogs and buns for the event.  What a blessing they were.  All in all, the Lord's name was lifted up through musical testimony, people were kept safe, and everyone had a blessed time.

Thank you to all of our friends and church family at First Baptist Palm Coast to help make this event possible.  Without the many hands to help pitch in and volunteer, we couldn't have done it.

We'll be posting pictures soon, so stay tuned.  You can also check out picturesnow  from our facebook page that was already posted from everyone.


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