Having a blast in North Carolina

This weekend so far has been so great and we haven't even got to Saturday yet.  We've done a few seminars, met some new friends and fellow artists, met some world-wide famous artists, and had some great food and great music.   Tomorrow we look forward to being presenters with Aaron Coker Band at the awards show announcing 3 awards, and also hearing our names announced as 2 nominees for Best Group and Best New Song.  Although we may not win this year, (and will feel honored if we do) this has been just a wonderful time here in NC already.   

Thank you Lord for this time as we reflect back over yesterday and today.  Thank you for safe travel, fellowship, friendship, and fun. And most of all, thank You for Your love, and deeming us - even in our unworthiness - worthy in You to be saved.    

Night to everyone. We have a big day tomorrow. Gotta run through our script and get some rest.  :-)


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