Maybe I Don't.... But God's Got This 

Why is it so hard to learn to let go, and let God? Our human nature is to want control. We want to be in charge. But if you have been a christian for any amount of time, you know that when you and I are in control - it never turns out as good as it would have with GOD in control. And many times, we mess it all up.  

When life isn't going as we planned - we tend to bend a knee and ask God for guidance and help. We should do the same when the storm clouds are over us, too. Life won't always be mountain tops. I believe God allows us to go through valleys in our life so that we don't forget what the mountain top feels like, so we don't become complacent, but mostly so that he can mold us/shape us/force us to grow in His image.  

Being a Floridian my entire life, I always think of the master glass blowers at Disney when I think about God molding us or I think about making pottery (which was a passion of my Aunt Kay's). The glass goes into the fire and is then stretched, put back in the fire, stretched again. This process can go on for hours and even days depending on how intriquet a design the master is making. Sometimes they even need to cut off extra pieces to get the final shape that the glass blower is looking for.

Don't you think our Heavenly Father sometimes has to do the same thing with us? I know that sometimes I form a habit that I need to ask God to help me trim off, maybe it's an attitude, a callas on part of my heart - anything that keeps me from being the person that God wants me to be - Lord, mold us, trim anything away that is keeping us from being who YOU want us to be. Father, help is to let the reigns of control go. Let us remember that You work all things for the good, that's all for Your glory (not ours).

Thank you for being with us on the mountain tops as well as when we are in the valley's of our life. May we always find peace, even in the storm, knowing that You are in control and You've got this! Amen.


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  • Lee Bryant
    Lee Bryant Palm Coast
    Very nice girls....Luv yall....

    Very nice girls....Luv yall....

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