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Hey everyone.  How's the weather treatin' ya?  Florida has some crazy weather this time of year.  It's hot, it's cold, it's sunny, it's rainy.  I always say if you don't like the weather, stay 5 minutes, it'll change.  LOL. 

Everything on the home front is going well.  We had some great concerts the last few weeks, and met a lot of new friends.  And we've already posted some other events as well.  Events like Daughters of the King, Still Standing, and Raceway Ministries at Daytona 500.

We ordered new t-shirts and tote bags as well.  We listened to all the ladies out there, and ordered v-necks as well as crew neck.  CountryWide Promotions did a great new design for us.   We're so pleased with them, and they have great customer service.  Make sure you get a new shirt or tote bag - they make great gifts.

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