Our God is Bigger Than a Box!

He holds us in the palm of his hands. He knows the number of hairs on our head. And yet, sometimes we still view God as being in a box.   Many have watched God move mountains in their lives.  Watched Him do what they thought was impossible, and it probably was - for anyone BUT GOD.  You see, we are here to testify again today, that our God is a mountain mover.  He takes the "im" out and makes everything possible!   His dreams for all of His children are bigger than we can imagine.  

As you may or may not know, God provided us a bigger and better sound system this past December.    A week ago, February 1, we started a campaign to raise funds for a trailer to move said system and all the other equipment and supplies for the services, concerts, and festivals that we attend.  Today, we’re here to say, that God heard our plea, and provided someone who stepped in and gave us a trailer. 

Yes, you read that right.  G-A-V-E    US   A    T-R-A-I-L-E-R !!! 

They too want to be part of God’s work in our ministry.  Wow! God is an all-time, mighty-good God!!   We know He provides.  We just received the biggest portion of the campaign right there.  And now, just a few dollars more for the tags, tax, supplies, etc., and it is done!    Let us say it again.  Our God is a Mountain Mover!

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