Sassy Scrappers Strike Again

This is Kathleen, and I feel refreshed!!  I just came back from my annual week with my friends from Maclenny and Chiefland.  We're called the Sassy Scrappers.

We spend a week in Georgia, in an old house, enjoying time with each other, and our memories.  My main goals in doing my scrapbooks this year, was to finish my mission trip to New York last year, and to start and finish a scrapbook on the life of my mother, who passed away in March.  I'm so happy to say I finished both!

We also did a little shopping; ok, a lot of shopping, and a lot of eating.  You have to enjoy small towns and home-town cooking.  This was the week I was ok with gaining the 4 lbs.  I'll spend the next month losing it, but that's ok.  It was worth it.  And I loved the daily devotions the ladies started us with. 

So every time I come back, I'm already ready and planning for the next year.  I have so many memories and photos to put down for the next generation.  I don't want the future generations in my family to forget where they came from, who they belonged to, and what we shared.  And I do that by scrapbooking.

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