Sly & Gypsy's Journey of Faith - Biker Church

Blessed by Bikers 

Nevaeh had a wonderful opportunity today to worship with our brothers and sisters in Lake Panasofkee, FL today. What a blessing it was to be outside in the elements of God’s creation (sun, trees, etc). We worshiped the Lord together in song and let us tell you….they know how to praise them some Jesus!
Their journey in ministry is a testimony of what the Lord can do. Pastor Sly shared a little bit of his background with the congregation – coming from being a hard core biker filling his young life with alcohol and fighting – to filling his heart and life with Jesus, giving every breathe to praising God for what he has done for him. Now having been a Christian for many years, and after God called him to seminary, he is sharing his story and His Savior each month with this congregation. Pastor Sly and his wonderful wife Gypsy have a heart for God’s people and a desire for them to also experience the love they found through Christ Jesus.
They opened their ministry 16 months ago and did their 16th baptism while we were there. We pray God’s continued blessings upon them.

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