Talent Spotlight at Night of Joy

Well, we had a great time at NOJ.  We were selected to sing at Disney's Night of Joy after an audition.

It was a great night. We're going to be posting pics and video soon. It was an awesome experience, and lots of great artists were there.
It started raining, so everyone got worried, but Disney was quick to get the tents up, and 1/2 hour later it stopped.

Being on stage at Disney is an experience itself. There is nothing like having Disney running your sound. Those guys rock, and they know their equipment. I even asked to take one of the guys back home to run our sound forever, but even though he said sure, he never got in the car. oh, well...

We're still living in the moment.

Celebration Ministries run a great show. They get together with you before they take you on stage, talk with you for a bit, then they pray with you and over you, and walk you to the stage (about a two minute walk across the walkway), and introduce you to the emcee (and guys it was the runner up for Miss Florida or Miss something - all of the guys liked that), and overall made it a great worshipful experience. People were praising, and I know, believe it or nor, this was one of the few times I wasn't nervous as the Lord was there; and if any other band was, you sure couldn't tell. The Lord showed up and anointed the place.

Great times.


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