Tonight's Match: God - 1, Satan - 0 

Thank you to First Baptist of Lake Panasoffkee for hosting us tonight. We had a wonderful concert, a great time of fellowship, and an awesome time praising the Lord! 

Have you heard the term 'the devil's in the details'? Well, the devil was at work from first thing this morning all the way through the sound check (before our 6pm concert). He tried to take our joy through different circumstances, he tried to prevent the lyrics for the sign language interpreters from getting over, he tried to prevent our sound from working right by messing with a component and a cable. When he still didn't get his way and we got past everything else, he simply tried to make the sound mix bad. (Two weeks ago we had a professional come and set our new board up while we rehearsed for 2 hours - and it sounded great.) But we gathered together in a room for prayer time and declared that the devil may try, but God will win! 

And win, He did - It was a great evening! We praised God with fellow believers. We laughed, we cried. Kathleen ran into a fellow Florida Worship Choir participant. And we made many new friends. Thank You Lord for using us to further Your kingdom and spread Your Good News. Every time we go out, it is our prayer that we step aside and let God shine. All praise! All honor! All glory! To God! 

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