What's Your Top 10 Resolutions?

As we prepare to say Good-bye to 2012 and a BIG HELLO to 2013, what are your New Year’s resolutions?

In service recently, we heard some statistics about the top resolutions that will be made:

1) Weight Loss/Improved Health

2) Better Financial Conditions

What about putting God in that #1 spot? Pastor Kevin Lautar of FBC Palm Coast, made a statement that I think we all loved… Instead of spending so much time in FaceBook, spend it putting your face in the Word. Here is a list of Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Christians. Will any of these make it on your list this year? How many will you conquer in 2013?

1. Be consistent at going to church. If you start the New Year off by going to church and not missing (unless you absolutely have to), consistency will form habit and it will be a part of your weekly regimen.

2. Go to weekly Bible class. Going to church once a week is not enough to sustain your Spirit. Bible class will also enhance your knowledge of the Bible.

3. Go to Sunday school. Sunday school is also a great tool for learning about the Bible and getting answers to those puzzling biblical questions you may have.

4. Have devotion every morning. Devotion is like gas in your car. You can’t go anywhere without it. It’s best to have devotion as soon as you awake. This prepares you for any obstacles you may face and it also lets the enemy know that he is defeated and cancels his assignment that he has against you. Have your own praise and worship. Sing God a song!

5. Set a time for prayer. Daily prayer is a necessity, but praying at a set time everyday means the designated time belongs to God alone. Start by praying for 15 minutes, and then work your way up to an hour. There is so much to pray about and be thankful for.

6. Read the Bible daily (start by reading the one year Bible). Reading the Word is food for the Spirit. The more you read, the more you feed. Your Spirit needs the Word to help fight those fleshly desires.

7. Find 10 scriptures to confess out loud daily. Confession is good for the soul and it will also help you to speak the Word of God only. The Bible says “let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying.”

8. Memorize one scripture per week. Write down a scripture on an index card and take it with you wherever you go. Read it until you have committed it to memory.

9. Become an active member at your church by joining a ministry. Decide that you will no longer be a bench member. It’s a proven fact that when you get busy doing work for the kingdom of God, he will get busy doing work on your behalf. Get involved.

10. Get a consistent prayer partner(s). Prayer changes things so pray without ceasing!

Top 10 from http://www.examiner.com/article/top-10-new-year-s-resolutions-for-christians

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