Bring on the rain!

We are so excited for this summer.  After a busy beginning of the year getting the cd done, we were able to take a nice breather for a few months.  We have some changes to announce soon, and some great opportunities to sing.  We've been in the midst of learning new songs, and refreshing some old ones.

Flagler County, where we live, is facing some challenges this season with fires breaking out.  We have some dear friends that are facing those challenges head on, and we pray for their safety, and for the firemen and women out their in the trenches.

The air is filled with smoke making it very hard for people to breathe around here, but the Lord has blessed us these last couple of days with some much-needed rain.  That has helped tremendously in bringing in some fresh air here and there.

Please continue to pray for everyone's safety, and for the fires to be contained.  Thank you Lord for the rain!

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