Is Music Good for the Soul? 

Feeling better today. Seriously never realized what a day of rest can do for the body in helping it to heal. Also started to feel like my soul got a good boost too - from singing last night at rehearsal!   So it got me thinking again...and this blog came about...

Is there evidence that music is good for the soul?  Do you ever feel better because of the music you listen to?  Does your day start out bad but then you noticed you were having a better day after jamming out to music for even just 10 minutes?  Does this only work for people of an "artistic" brain or can it work for anyone? 

*Over the years, many studies have been conducted to examine in greater depth the nature and extent of the effects music has on people. 

For example, scientists at the University of Missouri have found that listening to music can improve your mood. Their research lends scientific credibility to the behavior many people have already experienced on their own: listening to upbeat music can brighten your day and boost your mood. 

Other studies have shown that upbeat music isn’t the only type of music that can be helpful, however.  When people are sad or have suffered a personal loss, sad music can be soothing and helpful, because people identify with the tone and lyrics of the music. 

These scientific studies have helped scientists and researchers develop the field of music therapy.  According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals.”  Today, music therapy is used to help people improve mood, restore energy, and heal more naturally. 

Of course, music also has other mental benefits beyond improving our mood.  Music can also help our memory.  Don’t believe us?  Try to say your ABCs without singing the tune you learned when you first learned to memorize the alphabet. LOL 

So keep on listening and we hope that you find the mood you are looking for in OUR music too! 

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