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God’s Plan is Always the Very Best Plan

We were in Georgia this past week.  While I was there, Steven, my nephew asked me to give my testimony to the youth group at his church.  Liberty Baptist Church was where Kip and I worshipped prior to moving to…

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What a Journey!

Wow, what a journey! In March of this year our trailer was stolen with our equipment and merchandise inside. Taken to Mississippi and torched no doubt! But that is not where the story ends! God has richly blessed us through…

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Bye Bye Hair

Did she cut it all?  Find out what happened today.   

Seth is Home!

Seth is home for the summer!  There is nothing like having your children back “in the nest” for a few weeks.  Just having him “accessible” is a relief for this mama. You know the old saying, “I just need to…

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A Year of Firsts

A Year of Firsts by Melissa

As I travel back to my hometown to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I take in the sights of home from the window of my car.  The cotton fields are a comfort to…

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Recording Keeps You Humble

Being in the recording studio sounds glamorous, and it IS fun.  But something unexpected happens every time I am in the studio... I am humbled.  Like everyone, I sound awesome in the shower! ;-)  But in the recording studio, sitting…

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A New College Journey

Our journey to Berry began with much excitement and trepidation. We had our schedule and I absolutely loved that. Kip and I both like to know what we need to be doing, when we are expected to be doing it…

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Summer Adventures

Summer just began a few short weeks ago, and yet I already feel that if I blink it will be gone. We are trying to enjoy our three day weekends (summer courtesy of the school I work for - Thank…

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Recently we took a trip to Atlanta in order to celebrate my husband, Daniel’s, 40th birthday.  We enjoyed a special time with Kaleb, our 12 year old, seeing some sights, trying some recommended restaurants, and getting to see the musical…

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Last week I spent my Spring Break at First Baptist Daytona Beach’s youth camp called “Breakout”. This is my 11th year being a counselor at Breakout, and it was my son Seth’s last year at camp. He is a senior…

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To the Women of Guilt

Just a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of leading worship for a wonderful group at a ladies’ tea.  There I mentioned that I suffer from mom guilt.  You know – the guilt for not always having the house…

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A Spirit on Fire

My spirit is on FIRE today! 

Unfortunately, it’s not on fire for the best reasons.  It’s on fire because things are not going my way and I became frustrated… and mad.   Not at any one thing or at any…

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So long 2017...

And with the snap of a finger/in the blink of an eye...2017 is gone!

With 2 precious kids at home, I want time to stand still (preferably before the teenage years start lol - what? you are supposed to be…

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Having a blast in North Carolina

This weekend so far has been so great and we haven't even got to Saturday yet.  We've done a few seminars, met some new friends and fellow artists, met some world-wide famous artists, and had some great food and great…

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Changes are in the air 

August 31, 2017 

Change is sometimes hard and oftentimes bittersweet.  With sadness, we announce that Allison Walker will be retiring from Nevaeh at the end of the year; but we are also excited to welcome Melissa Jolly, who…

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Worthy of Forgiveness? Who me? 

If you have been in church for anytime you have heard the music minister talk about God being worthy of our praise. But did you hear when the pastor said that you are worthy of forgiveness? Maybe this is just…

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What Is Your Christian Testimony? 

As I finished listened to the speaker at this weekend’s ladies retreat give her testimony I began to think ‘what is a testimony?’, ‘why are people uncomfortable sharing their testimony?'

I’ve been in church since I was in middle school…

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In the eye of the storm

Praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew including all those in our home base of Palm Coast and Elkton, Florida.  

On our way home tonight this song came on the radio. As I sang this with…

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Tonight's Match: God - 1, Satan - 0 

Thank you to First Baptist of Lake Panasoffkee for hosting us tonight. We had a wonderful concert, a great time of fellowship, and an awesome time praising the Lord! 

Have you heard the term 'the devil's in the details'…

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Maybe I Don't.... But God's Got This 

Why is it so hard to learn to let go, and let God? Our human nature is to want control. We want to be in charge. But if you have been a christian for any amount of time, you know…

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Who's Power Are You Walking In? 

When you're living in HIS power instead of YOUR power, then politics, the bank account, and the diagnosis have no power over you.

Is Music Good for the Soul? 

Feeling better today. Seriously never realized what a day of rest can do for the body in helping it to heal. Also started to feel like my soul got a good boost too - from singing last night at rehearsal…

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