Spring Fever in Winter?

Yes, it’s true. It’s still winter but I think I’ve had a touch of spring fever! 
We had an extra day off after our vacation recently and decided to re-arrange the kids bedrooms. It was like that show “Clean Sweep” taking place in each of the kids bedrooms. We took everything out, rearranged the furniture, and slowly brought things back in making sure to decide whether to keep it, give it away, or throw it out (you know all those toys that are broken and no longer work but your kids just didn’t want to part with them before). It felt good to de-junk and get organized.
Then we attended church this past Sunday and our Pastor was talking to us about this gift from God called 2014. He reminded us that we have the ability to choose how we want to spend each day of 2014. And it made me think…It’s time to de-junk and get organized! It’s time to take personal inventory and decide what we want out of 2014. Many people have already made their resolutions for 2014 but each day from the Lord is a gift and should be spent bringing honor and glory to Him. So….
  • What are some things that you let creep into your 2013 calendar that shouldn’t reappear in 2014?
  • Are there things that didn’t make it on your 2013 calendar that you should add to 2014?
  • What are some things God is calling you to do in 2014?
Praying for a happy, healthy, God honoring, God glorifying year for you and yours. Happy 2014!
"Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved." - D.H. Lawrence

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